Our Approach

The Coaxion Difference


We promote collaboration among teams comprised of varying child-saving disciplines to develop tactical and strategic plans to immediately, proactively, and sustainably protect children and help them become whole again.

We equip law enforcement through cutting edge training that is based on decades of direct experience and the knowledge of subject matter experts. In addition to consultation and training, we provide equipment, tailored resources, and operational funding as needed to facilitate customized solutions.

There is no cost to law enforcement other than their time and commitment.

A Closer Look

Our mission closely aligns with the Palermo Protocols established in 2000.

In addition, Coaxion believes in a Fourth P: Partnership. Partnership serves as a complementary means to achieve progress across the Three Ps and enlist all segments of society in the fight against the exploitation of the vulnerable.

The Palermo Protocols provide governing principles for countries to develop anti-trafficking laws and counter-trafficking strategies within the legal framework of each country. Coaxion is committed to creating an organic convergence of the 3 primary disciplines to combat exploitation of the vulnerable — Prevention, Prosecution and Protection.

Coaxion supports those who work in the “prosecution” pillar and have the mandate and authority to act as the first line of defense against sex trafficking and child exploitation.

Three Pillars


Under the frameworks set forth in both the Palermo Protocol and the TVPA, effective law enforcement action is an indispensable element of government efforts to fight human trafficking.



Protection is key to the victim-centered approach that the international community takes in its efforts to combat modern slavery. Effective victim protection entails identifying victims, providing referrals for a comprehensive array of services, directly providing or funding NGOs to provide those services, and supporting these individuals as they rebuild their lives.

error prevention


Prevention efforts are an equally important component of the global movement to combat human trafficking. Effective prevention efforts address the tactics of human traffickers head on. With the dissemination of accurate and targeted information, communities will be better prepared to respond to the threat of human trafficking.

Getting Involved

By collaborating with Coaxion, our partners will improve their outcomes—outcomes which translate into lives saved and perpetrators deterred and disrupted from hurting children. We must do all we can to prevent exploitation, prosecute those who violate children, and provide restorative services to survivors.